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N.O.V.A. 3 Android Game Compressed In 5 Mb 100% Working By – Drop Down Tech

N.O.V.A. 3 Android Game 

N.O.V.A commander Kal Wardin receives a distress call from his AI, Yelena, on the long abandoned planet Earth. He crash lands on the city of old San Francisco and joins up with Sergeant Becker and his N.O.V.A. squad to fight toward the N.O.V.A base. There, he finds out that the N.O.V.A has stolen the Judger’s artifact .The artifact could transform Earth back into the habitable planet it once was. But the Judgers were not people to play with, and knowing this, Kal vows that after saving the Judger’s artifact from the hands of the notorious Volterites, he would be resigning from N.O.V.A, and this time, permanently.
He and Sergeant Becker ride a 4×4 to the artifact location. As instructed to, Becker gets on the gun of the 4×4 and covers the entrance. Kal manages to reach the artifact, but right next to it stands Prometheus, who forbids him to get the artifact. Prometheus explains he is the hand of the Judgers, and he will be returning the artifact to them.
Prometheus then tells Kal that unsurprisingly, Becker was overpowered and killed by the swarm of Volterites at the entrance. He then explains that Kal will have to retrieve two more artifacts for the Judgers in order to stop them from “cleansing” the world, killing both humans and Volterites in the process.And Prometheus also tells him that He will have to get to the Fyna galaxy and battle for the second artefact
The second artifact is hidden in an ancient Volterite ship, Therrius. Kal is teleported there by Prometheus,and gets the artifact, with the help of new Volterite ally Maz’Rah. In the process, Kal reactivates the ship as well, which would help Maz’Rah’s Volterite rebels in their war against the Volterites who are hostile to humans, called Dominion.
Then, Kal heads to desert planet Boreas, where he works with his old friend Rufus to retrieve the third artifact. However, after fighting off the rebels on Boreas and after a car chase, the Volterites escape with the artifact and take it to their home planet, Volteron,where they intend to convert the artifact into a weapon of mass destruction to use against the humans.
Kal, Rufus and Yelena then head to Volteron to get the artifact, or else the Judgers will intervene and wipe out all traces of humans and Volterites. After fighting through heavy resistance and braving harsh environments including the exploration of a Volterite Shrine, crossing a lava river,Travelling through the dangerous lava gorges in a minecart, crossing a huge crater of lava by arranging platforms and b flying with a volterite jetpack, and by protecting Rufus from the dangerous forces,and a teleporting malfunction, they meet Maz’Rah again who leads Kal through some Volterite systems. After that, they head to a Volterite temple where the artifact is located.

However, when they reach the temple, Yelena is killed by a powerful creature called the Kar’Rak, the temple guardian. Maz’Rah reveals he can control it, and he already was controlling and he betrays Kal and Rufus, telling them that the Volterite Overseer has left him no choice. After Kal and Rufus fight him off while evading the Kar’Rak, Maz’Rah realizes his betrayal and kills the Overseer in a brief fight, and gives Kal the final artifact before dying of the wounds the Overseer had inflicted upon him. Rufus and Kal then escape the temple’s destruction with Prometheus, who teleports them out.

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