How To Unblock Airtel Blocked Sim – 100% Working Trick For 2015

Airtel internet 3G tricks are all over the internet, working and non working and by using these tricks most airtel users gets their sim blocked.
That’s why you must follow the daily limit of the trick. If your data usage is less than that particular daily limit then there is really less chance of your sim getting blocked.
 Well we are here providing with different methods to unblock your sim. Multiple Solutions To Unblock Your Airtel Sim:

 Unblocking Airtel Sim – Method 1:

1. First recharge small 2g datapack on airtel sim. (Keep Balance 0)
2. Then visit using default browser and activate free offer “3G speed on 2g internet for 20 minutes” and browse the rest of the internet in airtel default sites and other airtel websites.
3. When the 2G data expires, you will still be able to visit airtel default websites of airtel like etc in 0 balance. (That means your sim in unblocked)

 Unblocking Airtel Sim – Method 2:

1. Dial *121*13# and you will get two links, VUClip and Opera.
 2. Select any one of the link and soon you will receive a message from Airtel. (Maintain Balance Rs 1)
 3. Now go to the link and after getting fully loaded your airtel sim will get unblocked. Now use any airtel trick and this trick is confirmed working in west Bengal.

Unblocking Airtel Sim – Method 3:

1. Make main account balance Rs 2 and maintain it.
2. Dont recharge any net pack and visit and immediately download any 1 Rs video song. Now wait for one day.
 3. Your sim will get unblocked in the next day.

 Unblocking Airtel Sim – Method 4:

1. Make absolutely zero balance in your sim.
2. Take loan of Rs 10 in your airtel number by sending LOAN to 121 and initiate a 3G pack with that and exhaust your data pack.
 3. Remove the sim from your phone for 5 days and after 5 days insert your sim and zero rental plan by dailing *567*11#.
4. Open website and your sim will get unblocked. All the airtel unblocking methods are working and method 4 has less chance to work. Try with method 1 and if it doesnt works for you go to method 2 and so on.

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