Now browse more in less Data with Opera Max

Opera Max 

Popular mobile browser company Opera has launched its most innovative app Opera Max. With Opera Max you can save up to 60% of data easily.

Alternative of this app is also available in the market for free or paid.

It compress the size of videos, image etc., which result in less buffer time and high speed in even 2G data.
According to Opera officials this app condenses the 10 MB data in 3 MB which result no buffer time and less data usage.


Opera  Max has many awards like CES 2015 - honoree, best of innovation category
, BMA January 2015 - silver award, best mobile app and CTIA hot for the holidays - 1st place, productivity category.

Why It Is Best?

Opera Max helps you manage your data by providing real-time, daily and monthly data-usage statistics. Opera Max extends your data plan by up to 50% by compressing videos, images and media from apps and websites. Less data to download from websites also means faster mobile-browsing speeds for your phone.

Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

Opera Max requires android 4.0 ICS or later version of android like Jelly beans, Kit Kat etc.

 Opera Max FAQ -Here

The size of Opera Max is about 5.5mb which is average size for these kinds of apps.

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