Download Top Free Antivirus for Windows 7 / 8 and for Android Users

Top  Antivirus for Windows 7 / 8 and for Android Users

Drop Down Tech Top Week Pick

Many people waste their money to buy high priced antiviruses but today Drop Down Tech Team will list you some top mobile and windows antiviruses for 100% free and best part is the company provide this antiviruses for free officially. These products all scored highly in the most recent av-test results and they’re easy to use.

Best Free Antiviruses for Android Users.

360 securities is a complete real-time protection with anti-theft and privacy tools etc.

Inside 360 security

Antivirus engine - Scan installed apps, memory card content, and new apps automatically. 360 security’s latest technology protects against viruses, adware, malware, Trojans and more.
Memory booster - Free up memory (ram) and boost your mobile phone. Our one tap clean feature reclaims memory allowing you to open apps without delay!
Phone cleaner - All-in-one phone cleaner that cleans trash files, uninstall residual, private usage history and useless Apks.
Data monitor - Save mobile data by providing you a data usage monitor and a mobile data firewall.
Call & SMS blocker - Block unwanted phone calls and enjoy a disturb-free mobile life.
App manager - Manage all of your apps in one place. Uninstall apps or Apks you don’t need to keep your storage space tidy.
Privacy Apps - Lock apps with sensitive content to protect your privacy, prevent data stored on the device level including SMS, photo albums, and other important or private documents from being leaked.

Best Free Antivirus For PC Windows Users

After writing post about Top Five Free Latest Antivirus For Windows User With Cracks - 2015 , we are here with new post.

Panda free antivirus

Complete protection, simple interface, and a light system footprint.

Key Benefits
Best Free Antivirus & Anti spyware software for real time protection.
URL & web filtering with behavioral analysis protection
Panda Free Antivirus that lets you 'installs and forget'

Operating System:
Windows 8/8.1 (32 & 64 bits) , Windows 7 (32 & 64 bits), Windows Vista (32 & 64 bits), Windows XP (32 bits) SP2 or later
Pentium 300 MHz or faster
256 MB
Hard Disk:
240 MB free space

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