Top Secret Trick to get free and unlimited YouTube Subscribers

If you are running a blog then you must know the real value of getting YouTube subscribers. YouTube is a place where you can upload your blog/website video tutorials and share it with your friends and world.
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In this tutorials or you can say trick, i will tell you about how you can get free and unlimited YouTube Subscriber for free without doing much work.
So Let’s Start.
1. Freedom Android App.
2. YouTube Account or Channel.
3. Rooted Android Device.
4. Get Subscribers Android Application.
5. Gmail Account.
6. Some Time to Waste.

Steps to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

Step 1: Download Freedom android application from here.{2.72 MB}
Step 2: Download Get Subscriber android application from Google play store or from here.
Step 3: Download and install freedom android app from given link.
{Warning: Using FREEDOM app is illegal in some countries}
Step 4: Download and install get subscriber app from Google play store or given link. 
Step 5: Sign-In your android device through Gmail account.
Step 6 : Now open FREEDOM app and select get subscribers app from the list.
Step 7: When you will open the get subscriber app it will ask you YouTube account email and password. 
{The Real Trick Starts From Here} 
Step 8 : A signing in , go to the more point option and buy the biggest pack which of $99.9.
Step 9 : When You Buy the point pack a popups will open . There will be credit card number like FREECARD-XXXX.-7273

Step 10
 : Now Click On Buy Button .

Congratulations !Your YouTube Account Will Get Around 5K Point And For One Subscribe it will deduct 2 point . Means 2*2500 subscriber = 5000 points

DDT Team Tips And Warnings

1.Never buy again until your all points is over.
2.This trick will only work in android rooted devices.


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