Download WhatsApp For Nokia 220 & Nokia 225 (.vxp)

Nokia 220 and 225 uses Mediatek chipset and it supports the application written in C++ and C. It doesn’t support Java Apps and java apps cannot be installed in this phone and both Nokia 220 & 225 supports MRE apps with extension .vxp. These apps are 100% working. Download and install and enjoy them.

I have seen a lot of people getting trouble in finding and installing apps for their Nokia 220 & 225. Few of you know about these phones, but most of you don’t know.

Nokia launched phones with Facebook and 2 MPs camera namely Nokia 220 and Nokia 225.But the problem with these phones are they are a basic phone with only a outdated browser and few apps. To overcome this problem I have searched apps for Nokia 225 and 220. I got some apps and games which I’m going to share with you.

Download Facebook

    Download Link
    Click Here To Dowload WhatsApp.

    Note: Many of listed apps are tested by The Admin {Dilip Sharma} and they are working perfectly .Not all are tested by the admin. Download WhatsApp For Nokia 220 & Nokia 225 (.vxp) 


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