List of Fitbit Tracker in terms of Display and Specs

List of Fitbit Tracker in terms of Display and Specs

When you go to Amazon you find difficulty in choosing the most eligible Fitbit tracker for you.  This list will enhance your knowledge and so that you will strike the difference between the types of Fitbit tracker. Check all: In terms of display.

Fitbit Zip

The Zip display is having five modes and that is steps, distance covered, calories burned. It also contains the Fitbit smiley, which is certainly for the great help by notifying you with your recent activity level.

Fitbit One

The Fitbit One’s display is also carrying six modes like steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, floors climbed and it has the process of notification with Flower that grows and shrinks based on your recent activity and there is also clock.

Fitbit Flex

The Flex’s display is made up of a series of flashing dots that will show you how your day activity is stacking up against your goals. There is a light in Flex and its every light represents 20 percent of your goal. All you need to tap the display two times to check your progress daily. This is very easy in use but this is not eligible enough to give you much updates. You can check all your stats through the Fitbit iPhone or Android smartphone app.

Fitbit Charge

The Charge’s OLED display present us the time, steps, distance measured, calories burned, floors climbed. It has very active minutes and there is Caller ID and Alarm as well for your every minute info.

Fitbit Charge HR

The Charge HR’s OLED display is almost like the Charge but it has extra features as it is upgraded model. It monitors your heart Rate, exercise tracking, time, steps distance, calories burned, floors climbed. It is also carrying the very active minutes, caller ID and Alarm. So it offers more features.

Fitbit Surge

The Surge has a larger display to show apparently the data to fitness and sports stuffs. The display is touch screen monochrome LCD with backlight for low light show. You can check latest Fitbit sale here.

There is a comparison list of Fitbit trackers in terms of measurements and specs. Check below.

The Fitbit One and Zip are small in size and you can clip it on your clothes anywhere. You can also keep it in your pocket so they are in few manners less flexible than the wristbands.
People, generally is having a forgettable tendency for fitness wristband or for tiny clip-on gadget. The short-lived Fitbit Force can be unclipped with its loose clasp and several times people usually lost their Fitbit wristband when it is been knocked that drop to the floor unknowingly.  For sorting it out, Fitbit has made the clasps on its latest Charge, Charge HR and Surge wristbands.
On the other hand, Flex is slightly lighter than the Charge. Charge or HR or Surge has a watch function.
The Zip is the smallest among all Fitbit trackers and it is also shorter than the Fitbit One.
If you thinking of buying Flex, you will get both a large (161-209mm) and small (140-176mm) wristband.  In case of Force you need to check whether you want small, large or X-Large sizes.
You can also check the Fitbit tracker sizes.

Fitbit Zip size and weight: H: 48mm; W: 19.3mm; D: 9.65mm; Weight: 8g.

Fitbit One size and weight: H: 35.5mm; W: 28mm; D: 9.65mm; Weight: 8g.

Fitbit Flex size and weight: W: 13.99mm; Weight: 29g.
Fitbit Force (discontinued) size and weight: W: 19.2mm; Weight: 30g.

Fitbit Charge size and weight: W: 21.1mm; Weight: 24g.

Fitbit Charge HR size and weight: W: 21.1mm; Weight: 26g.

Fitbit Surge size and weight: W: 34mm; Weight: 51g.

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