3 months before Samsung announce gear 360 cameras, if opens the market to the growing market of 360 degree cameras. Earlier LG and Ricoh Theta S 360 degree cameras released and got a high level of market in the early of last year, though most of the techies are eagerly waiting for the Samsung 360 camera. The main reason for it is the brand. This camera is coming from the Samsung and it raised the expectations to peak level. Product needs to import from the korea at present, later it might occupy the market through all sources available. Finally Samsung shut the expectation of the Gear 360 camera price ranging and declared retail price as the $349, which is similar to the Ricoh Theta S 360 camera.


Samsung initially planning to deliver limited quantity of Gear 360 camera, later full fledge product delivery across the globe will start by the end of this year. This camera uses two wide angle picture capturing technique, which will club together after capturing a picture, which come around  360 degree angle. User can connect this one with the Samsung Galaxy GS7, S6 and S5 or else you can use this one without smart phone too. This flexibility gives scope to bring a new kind of photo capturing mode. In addition to this, Samsung VR service and branding associating with the Gear 360. Samsung is planning to launch Samsung Creators as part of Vidcon. It allows accelerate next generation storytelling program to encourage transformation of new exploration through 360 and VR mediums.

Latest updates of Gear 360 and Samsung milk VR


Samsung VR supports user generated content. Users can upload new 360 wide angle videos to the Samsung VR platform for sharing and for first time view of Samsung Gear VR. Gear 360 launched in US and its cost at more affordable range to most of the Americans. This high-end resolution camera scopes storyteller to generate their own 360 degree video for mobile view and for VR content, powered by Oculus. Rush today to get your Samsung Gear 360 today.


Design and Dimensions

Spherical shape Samsung Gear 360 is a lightweight, featured with on the go filming.  It gives a wide angle scope to capture 360 degrees picture at a time. Camera controls built right, even though there are  enough  space  and control system gives flexibility to operate and record by using the app. This allows fast and easy recording without diving into various angles to capture video or picture.

Samsung Gear 360 come with a giant red button with record option and small PMOLED display .05 inch,Show the record status without touching the gadget.

Dimentions are,

66.7 x 56.2 x 60 mm

Weight of 153g.


Coming to phone specifications,  Samsung Gear 360  stick to  15 MP  back to back camera which captures picture at 3840 x 1920.Dual lens camera setup give the best picture resolution UP To 30 MP  at 7776 x 3888.

Easy transferable picture format helps to share from one medium to another medium within no time and also without feeling to send the same resolution its angular picture or video.  Its unmatched specifications and performance attracting to get it right away for capturing the best pictures and videos at wide 360 degree angle.

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