How To Use Canva | Best Picture Editing App Which Could Be A Replacement Of Photoshop

Are you looking for the finest accessible Application for editing your pictures or a platform where you can graphically design images in various formats like JPG, PNG, PDF or even PDF print ?

So Here is your search ends, We have come out with Canva  most trusted platform for online graphic design With proper guidance which can be used to learn the software to the core.

Here you will find out :

1 step by step analysis of using this Design software.

2 reviews and features of

3 Ingenious that can make your stuff more presentable effectively.

4 more options in the depth which will help you to know everything at once about this software

5 frequently asked questions regarding canva.

Process Of using Canva :

1.  Once you log into it through your E-mail I.D, You will at the first instance get this interface :

2. Once you are on the page above, you need to select any of the option available. ( i am selecting “facebook post“). After that  i will be landing to the page below.

3. As you have landed to this page you will see various options like Search, Layouts, Elements, Text, Background and upload. These are the Dibs through which we are going to create a presentable picture to look pitch perfect.

4. through this option of “search” you can search anything to be posted on the backside of your picture. Suppose if we choose tree, that would appear like : 
 5. Through this option Layout you will get a background picture for the image to be edited in various means. You can use any background image for free unless it is paid. 

6. Further through Element you can use grids for parting your picture in two or more, with shapes you can make your image even more fascinating, lines and illustration are also available to edit your image completely. 

7. Next we have the text section where you can write anything you want to in your picture. Within it, you can change fonts, text size, font color, yow can bold the text as well..

8. Next in the queue we have Background through which you can make a blank background with any color you want to have. 

9. Further, we have the option Uploads which is used to upload any of your own picture And edit it the way you like. 

10. Once your editing is done click on the download button or share button above the picture.

This application has got some of the reviews like this..

 Do you know ?

Using these element of the application through which you can do stuff like Transparent background image, you can add further pages down the same picture as well. You can make dimensions of your own choice too in the first page where “choose your custom size” section.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are willing to ask any questions regarding canva or any query using it, comment in the section below. We will try our best to get your query solved right away.


We found this app as the best replacement of Photoshop as it allows you to edit pictures easily without any worries

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