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Best Tech Products 2016 Which Are Completely Irresistible

¬†Here is the list of best of 2016 tech products which are a must for this tech generation. these amazing product are best in their class and have gained much popularity in every aspects. these Best Tech products 2016 are as follows. The best camera with quality to record all your cherished moment ¬† ¬†…

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Buy Apple Iphone 7 Mobile At Rs. 1700 Using Aadhaar card

According to famous cellphones making company Apple Inc. their most awaited product Apple iphone7 will be available in the Indian markets for easy installments. buy¬†Iphone 7 at RS. 1700. The phone is expected to be available around October 7 with proving identity through Aadhaar card of everyone applying for it. The said scheme has also…

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Fast-Food Chain KFC Introduces Buit in Battery Boxes for Charging Phones in India

KFC come up with a new innovative idea in India which offers instant mobile charging while you’re eating KFC burger or fries. ¬†This innovative idea initially started at Mumbai and Delhi KFC stores with limited Boxers. ¬†The KFC burger Or fries box have a building boxer charging mobile phones, ¬†¬†this allows customers to ¬†charge for…

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List of Fitbit Tracker in terms of Display and Specs

When you go to Amazon you find difficulty in choosing the most eligible Fitbit tracker for you. ¬†This list will enhance your knowledge and so that you will strike the difference between the types of Fitbit tracker. Check all: In terms of display. Fitbit Zip The Zip display is having five modes and that is…

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